Sunday, 13 October 2013

{Fabulous Finds: Wall Lights}

Glasgow Mummy

I am absolutely loving my new house. It's small in my eyes, but in actual fact it's only small to me because I have come from such a massive house and for the past two weeks the new house has been filled with boxes which has made it seem even smaller! The house is a perfect size for me and the two kiddies. We each have our own decent sized bedroom, there is one large-ish bathroom and I have a more formal 'grown-up' living room plus a family room with a little kitchen off from it. Ideal. I felt at home from the moment I opened the front door for the first time.

There are lots of things that I would love to change straightaway but finances aren't going to allow it unfortunately. I'll have to wait a few months to see how the bills work out, how much the council tax is etc etc before I can figure out what my disposable income is going to be. 

But in the meantime I can dream, window shop and plan out in my head how I would like everything to be. You'll know by now that I'm a planner!

So, first up is this wall light. I've never been a fan of wall lights, and this one I really don't like (might be a tad better if I replace the bulbs for a start)!

I took to Pinterest and have come up with a variety of other options. 

Tell me, why are lights so expensive??

This wall light is in the family room, for which the colours are going to be the same as the kitchen / dining room in the old house. So we're talking green walls (eventually!), and then the fabric (which I'll probably make some cushions out of, again eventually!) is red, teal, grey, orange and green. You can see some pictures of the fabric and get an idea of the colours here and here

I'm in two minds... do I lose the artwork and make the light the feature, or do I find a light that compliments the artwork?

Here's a few of the ideas I've found so far, first up my options for if I lose the artwork...

Big Band Red Wall Lamp, a whopping £430!

Or how about this quirky whiteboard light:

Snakkes Whiteboard Wall Light (can't seem to find this at Liberty & can't get a price offhand from Google)

Amour Neon Light from Graham & Green, £345
Or you can get a variety of different phrases over at, 
how about 'home is where the is' for a mere *cough* £765!

And then if I am to keep the artwork (which I think is more likely as the lights above are way out with my price range!!), here are my ideas:

My current favourite, anglepoise light from Heals - a more reasonable £88

Industrial wall sconce - bare bulb light from IndLights at etsy (£35 plus shipping)

Another industrial option, this time from Holloways of Ludlow. Light is £85 plus £12 for the bulb

More of a classic option...a swing arm wall light in polished chrome (£108)

Cheap and cheerful ceramic wall lamp that I can probably paint in the wall colour, £12.99 on eBay from speedytradelighting

Or a silver picture wall light from the same seller at £19.99:

What are you thoughts? What's your favourite? Do you have any other suggestions? :-)


  1. just get an electrician to remove it. plaster the hole and paint!! Then buy a beautiful floor lamp!! Much more you and then you can hang that picture I've been promising but not yet bought !! x

  2. So cool! Definitely going to look into investing into lights like this for my bedroom! I particularly like the swing arm light! I have got some awesome wall lights in my home though, I purchased them from Lights On Lights Off! They have some great designs, some of them are almost as wacky as this wall light! definitely worth a look!

  3. Good ideas! See also more and compare for best prices deals for Wall Lighting here!


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