Sunday, 22 September 2013

{Sunday Roundup}

This week has gone by so quickly. I'm supposed to be moving house on Thursday this week, but the missives aren't concluded. I'm working on the basis that we are going to be moving though and as such I'm busy packing, organising and much do to!

I'm loving this glasses print t-shirt from Tesco. Picture is blurry I know, but you get the idea :-)

We went to Ruff & Tumble this week. The staff are lovely and we had a really nice lunch. I had their homemade soup and it was yum! This soft play is a nice size for babies and toddlers and I always feel quite relaxed when I'm there. Margaret, the owner, was lovely enough to share her chocolates with us too!

Here are the kids racing on the chute!

Part of moving house has involved a lot of decluttering and I've been going through all my stuff. Here's my own Primary 1 school report... "Slightly less mature than her peers"... quite harsh as I was a January baby and was much younger than the majority of them!!

Enjoying a Pizza Hut whilst I packed. Diet has completely gone out the window and I'm feeling terrible for it. I've hardly been exercising too. Must get back on it.

I was sent some tea, coffee and biscuits to review from Ringtons. More on this later...

How was your week?

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