Sunday, 1 September 2013

{Sunday Roundup}

The weeks are going by in a bit of a blur at the moment.

I was supposed to be moving house on Friday this week, but there's been a hiccup somewhere in the chain and the move has been postponed for a few weeks. This actually works in my favour and I'm able to get a bit more organised. I've been selling furniture on Gumtree and having a proper clear out. Today I've been quite ruthless and have managed to get another car load of stuff to the tip. This pleases me!!

Anyway, here's some of my Instagram pics from the week...

My new Wallis jumper. The weather has definitely turned and I'm starting to feel the cold! Won't be long until I swap my duvet back to my winter one!

Playing dens with the little ones in the empty boxes!

We got a bit messy creating Fireman Sam snow and water rescues using shaving foam!

Drawing silly faces onto balloons and performing a play, again from within the box!

Bex and I had dinner at Cup - it was delicious & I'd highly recommend it.

Baking for the Bake Off at Peter's West End, which unfortunately we didn't make it to in the end. Gutted. 

The finished cupcakes...!!

Trying to be better with my eating... this morning I had a king prawn and vegetable omelette, which was pretty good if I do say so myself!

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