Wednesday, 21 August 2013

{Weekend in Durham}

This post was supposed to be my Sunday Roundup, but I've been so busy I totally forgot about it until now... and it's Wednesday. Oops!!

At the weekend my sister (@the_grey_house) and I headed off on the train from Glasgow to Durham for the night for the wedding of Peter & Jenn. 
On the train! 

We stayed at Gadds Town House - a boutique hotel that was right opposite the church.

I loved the interior of the hotel... reminded me a bit of Malmaison. 

Scrubbed up and ready to rock n'roll. I was doing a reading at the ceremony and was a tad nervous! Thankfully it went well!!

The morning after... feeling a little dishevelled. My sister & I got a bit carried away at the ceilidh and I ended up on the concrete floor and managed to hurt my side. Whoops! :-(

On all the tables were charity shop vases filled with flowers. The guests were asked to take a vase of their choice home with them as a wedding favour. This was the jug that I picked.

The hotel room had a velvet curtain hiding the glass shower allowing the guest(s) in the room to peep in! We also had a bath at the bottom of the bed!! Would highly recommend it for a weekend away with someone special... perhaps not your sibling!

Unfortunately we didn't get much of an opportunity to explore Durham, but the town was really pretty and I'd definitely like to go back. It was only 3 hours on the train, and it was a direct route too with no changeovers. Ideal!

Back to Glasgow after a lovely day - absolutely knackered!

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