Sunday, 21 July 2013

{Sunday Roundup}

I've had a rather busy week. This weekend I didn't have the kids and I had planned a few nights out with friends but unfortunately due to lack of childcare both nights out had to be postponed, so it's been a quiet weekend. But I actually think it's done me the world of good just to relax and not do very much.

Here are my pics from the week...

My dinner outfit for going to La Tasca last weekend. 

Ice cream with the littlest on the bank holiday Monday :-)

Lots of sunshine... plus some new trainers (my old ones had a hole in the sole and needed replaced!)

I've been sticking to paleo as best as I can. I've stayed at my target weight and I'm continuing to feel good and no bloating/Crohn's symptoms.

Monday night was spent drinking mojitos and I used the leftover lime with some Belvoir lime and lemongrass cordial and sparkling water.

On Friday we got the craft stuff out and did a giant painting!! What a mess was made!

Getting creative!

Enjoying a Crabbie's raspberry ginger beer... loving the sunshine!

Last night I watched Crazy Stupid Love and ate two small tubs of Haagen-Dazs... it was good!!! (not paleo, but worth it!)... pralines & cream is my favourite!

...and I used my tiny heart shaped Alessi coffee spoon. So cute!!

Today I ran 9 miles in the morning, followed by a browse round town and then some relaxing in the sunshine. Perfect!

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  1. love your la tasca jacket - all about the sequins! lovely to see you again tonight.x



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