Sunday, 12 May 2013

{Sunday Roundup}

Here's my week in photos:

I spent a lovely Bank Holiday Monday in Edinburgh... had pancakes and ice cream at the chocolate lounge in Harvey Nichols. Service wasn't brilliant, but the food was yum.

I discovered a lovely gift shop in Broughton called dragonfly - I may have even made a few purchases (including a wee something for Bex over at Olive Dragonfly!)

I couldn't resist the packaging on this M&S mojito. It was quite tasty, but did make me slightly hyper!

I finished Project 333 and have introduced a few more pieces back into my wardrobe

We had a buffet day at work and I brought in my #RecipeSwap tiramisu, this time with raspberries over the top.

Finishing off the Ice Delight... a mix of blackcurrant and strawberry (again, was yum!!)

I felt I deserved a wee glass of wine after my run... still in my running capris!!

My dad's wife made me a beautiful quilt... I have enjoyed lazy mornings with the kids this week - lots of cuppas in bed watching CBeebies!

I treated myself to a few bits & pieces for my hair from the local pharmacy that were on special offer

Littlest got her hair cut... it's cream from a cake that's all over her face!


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