Sunday, 7 April 2013

{Sunday Roundup}

I totally forgot to do Saturday Snapshot yesterday... oops! Hopefully the photos below will make up for it!

Anyway, here is this week's Sunday Roundup. I've had a really busy week and I'm feeling upbeat...

On Monday the kids and I went to Pollok House with some friends for their Easter Egg Hunt. I wouldn't have managed to keep track of them on my own, but as there were a few of us it worked out well. My son had his face painted as a purple princess. He's obsessed with Disney princesses and Barbie right now. We then headed to the Burrell Collection cafe for lunch and had a play in the park.  

With their eggs after the hunt!

My purple princess (with chocolate all round his mouth!)

My Naked Mum photograph also went live over on Kate's blog. I'm overwhelmed by the lovely response to my post - thank you :-)

After a very busy day I had a great sleep...100%!!

On Tuesday I ran into work and back again - I'm very pleased with myself. This allows me to exercise whilst saving money on parking & diesel too. Not wanting to push myself too hard too soon, on the advice of a colleague I walked a short distance in and out of work on Wednesday (but this allowed me to park on street for free, rather than pay for a city centre car park). I'm planning on running tomorrow though - watch this space.

Then I had three and a half jam-packed days of fun with the kids. They're now away with their daddy and they'll be back with me on Wednesday. I'm just about to crack on with some housework and cleaning before going to the supermarket. 

Hope you all had a great week.

A peaceful cup of tea by the radiator to warm up after being outside in the cold garden!

Fresh flowers for house viewings!

A civilised painting session

Using up the last of the Easter eggs - banana and chocolate cakes

Good morning snuggles in mummy's bed

Getting ready for a play in the garden!

The sun was out so we managed to do a spot of gardening!

Defrosting the freezer was turned into a fun job by doing Fireman Sam 'snow rescue' role play!

Messy play - making dried pasta & lentil sticky pictures

P.S. My sister, @the_grey_house, has started doing a Sunday Roundup too. Have a look at her post here.


  1. I just love Pollok Park. Looks like you had fun!
    I'd love you to drop by my blog and check out some nice family day trip ideas (also in and near Glasgow!)
    Hannah Ruth

  2. Great round up and the cakes look yummy!


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