Monday, 1 April 2013

{Meal Planning Monday}

How can it be April 1st already!!?!

Meal Planning Monday

I'm linking up again with Mrs M for her Meal Planning Monday and I think I might start joining in with Kate aka 'Naked Mum' #WobblesWednesday blog hop. I weighed myself the other day and am pleased to have lost 2 lbs. Ideally I'd like to lose another 9 lbs (I have put on over 1.5 stone since having packing in the personal trainer!).

So anyway, what's on the menu this week?

Monday - leftovers from Sunday roast

Tuesday (just me) - smoked salmon, hummous, salami & pitta bread

Wednesday - baked beans and cheese on toast (I'll skip the cheese)

Thursday - salmon pesto pasta (always a winner with the kids)

Friday - mild chilli and brown rice

Saturday - spicy plaice and vegetables

Sunday (just me) - chicken salad

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I'd never have thought of doing salmon with pasta (despite seeing lots of recipes for it) - OH's not keen on tuna with it, so not sure how it'd go down.

    1. It was a recipe I had seen & made before for creamy pasta with salmon but the kids like pesto so I just combine pesto pasta with some cooked salmon. Sometimes I mix it all together, sometimes I serve the salmon separately on the side. Goes down well with the toddlers!


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