Sunday, 24 March 2013

{Sunday Roundup}

The week started off with discovering that my littlest has chicken pox... she has not been a happy bunny and had much worse symptoms compared to her big brother (I've heard that the first sibling to get the disease has a milder reaction to the second?).

Lots of cuddles required for my poorly daughter who was very clingy

Lots of spots!

I also started the Fish is the Dish Healthy Happy Hearts challenge

After a busy week of work and parenting, I hit the road on Friday lunchtime - Aberdeen bound!!

We had a lovely weekend catching up with family and we even managed to squeeze in a 4 mile run on Saturday morning (the wind was horrendous though!). On Saturday afternoon we went to Jamie's Italian for a late lunch with friends followed by lots of cocktails (& then chips, cheese & gravy on the way home)!!

Cheers! Bramble cocktails at Jamie's Italian

Posing in the window of The Tippling House

Silver Bullet (cherry vodka shot with silver edition Red Bull)

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