Sunday, 17 March 2013

{Sunday Roundup}

This week started off badly... I was off work Monday and Tuesday due to my eye infection but by Wednesday I was at least looking a little bit like my usual self so I made it into the office. However, on Wednesday night I was absolutely exhausted and was in bed at the same time as the kiddies practically!  Everything has been taking its toll.

The rest of the week went well thankfully.... we even made it along to a dance class on Saturday morning which actually went better than I had anticipated. No major tantrums and I think my son really enjoyed it (he's desperate for a floaty skirt like the girls!). The littlest attention started to drift half way through, but I think she did really well considering.

Anyway, here's some of the pics from Instagram of our week:

What I'm watching right now (well, not this precise minute - but you know what I mean!!)

Supporting Comic Relief and Red Nose Day

I sent my first #PostCircle letter

Yum - fish finger sandwiches

Aww... sibling love! 

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