Sunday, 10 March 2013

{Sunday Roundup & Naked Mums}

If you haven't already seen on Twitter, I've been having a bad week. It all started on Sunday last weekend when I had a niggle in my right eye. By Monday morning my eye was a bit swollen & sore and on the way home from work I went to the optician (who said to go to the doctor) and then the doctor (who said to go back to the optician). My eye became progressively worse despite trying two different antibiotic drops/ointments, I've also developed some sort of cold/sore throat and I ended up back at the doctor who prescribed antibiotic tablets and a further eye ointment. After a week, my right eye is still really puffy and bruised (it looks like I've been punched) and the infection has now started in my left eye which is red and sore.

I was rather concerned that I'd developed shingles in my eye as the children have chicken pox at the moment, but the GP and optician both believe that it is a bacterial infection rather than viral. The optician is of the opinion that I've had a bad immune response to a bacterial eye infection, and this occurs in people, like me, with an impaired immune system (I take immunosuppressant tablets for Crohn's Disease). I can't remember what she said it was, but from a quick google I think I have keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) and conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctivia).

Normally I always wear make-up, even if it's just a smear of gloss and a touch of mascara, but for this week I have been in public sans make-up, naked if you will. Kate from Naked Mum blog will be proud of me! I have been under the weather and to be honest, I've not really cared what I look like. This is not like me! I'm normally of the mantra 'look good, feel good' but I just haven't had the energy to even attempt to look good. My children and I have both been poorly and yes, I even went to the optician in my pyjamas (with a coat on over the top!).

Here I am...


Puffy & bruised :-(

On Mother's Day... my left eye has started to get red & sore, right eye still puffy & bruised :-(

To make my week even worse, I had a horrible experience at my GP surgery. My son had a sore bottom as one of his chicken pox spots has become infected - I had to go to the doctor to get him seen. I didn't have time to arrange a babysitter, so I threw the kids in the pram and off we went. The littlest wasn't very happy when we were there and was crying a little. We had to wait which didn't help matters, but that was to be expected when we didn't have an appointment. I was just really glad they were going to see us. We moved from the waiting room into the corridor so as not to disturb the other people that were there. However, one of the other patients (an elderly man) was not impressed with the crying and complained to the receptionist, who proceeded to see if there was anything I could do to quieten her down. I felt like I had no other choice but to go outside and wait in the rain - all three of us poorly remember - to be seen by the doctor. It was awful. As he left he said that he was glad to be going as we were so noisy and that I should leave my children at home next time. Needless to say I was in tears and had no response for him. I'm visibly not well.... why would someone be so horrible? The support on Twitter was lovely, and by the time I got home and had a cup of tea I felt much better. (The kids dad has since phoned the practice and put in a complaint on my behalf.)

Anyway, here are a few other pics for my Sunday Roundup:

Some new Disney to keep us amused during our week in the the house!

Lemsip (Max, no less!) for a poorly mummy!

Heinz tomato soup!

My sick little ones. Aww!

Mother's Day flowers...

...and more Mother's Day flowers!

Pizza Hut as my Mother's Day treat...any excuse!!

How has your week been?

P.S. Gertie is looking rather lovely in her contribution to Kate's Naked Mum blog hop - very glam! Do pop on over and leave her a comment :-)


  1. I totally missed your awful experience with the Doctor, that's horrible Sarah! I hope you and the kids feel better soon, there's nothing worse than being unwell when your kids are unwell too xx

  2. You look like you have been brawling...and still blooming gorgeous, hello lovely skin - gonna need a post on what you use!
    As for the drs, the receptionist should be ashamed if herself not fair for you or the kids to be put through that.

  3. I am still angry at that man in the doctors and the staff reacting that way! I really hope your better this week :)

  4. I missed the bit about the docs too. You poor thing. Some people are so selfish and the receptionist should have told him to shut up or ship out. Not a good week here either. My teen, who is mid A Levels and Uni auditions has basically had a mini nervous breakdown. She suffers with panic attacks, runs in the family, but last weekend she completely crashed. So now my poor baby is a little, soggy heap in the corner of the sofa. I don't know how long it'll be before she can return to college. No matter how old they are, we always worry about them. Hope your eyes and the children get better soon. x

  5. The man at the docs was a git and will doubtless get his comeuppance further down the line. I hope you're all feeling better soon.

  6. Sweetheart, you have worked so hard to keep things together so maybe the body stuff is a reaction to that. You always look beautiful and think on that some women have bad eye for worse reasons than yours. That probably sounds preachy but is not meant to, just encouraging you to count blessings at a time you feel less than blessed. You are fab to support GertieandGinger too - so generous-spirited. On the elderly man front, thinking about how Dad might have been sometimes sign of dementia when there is that sort of irritation and anger. Was probably by no means personal although can imagine how distressing it was. Sending love your way.

  7. You poor thing, you look like you need a big hug. One bit of advice, is buy new eye makeup incase someone else hasnt said it. I kept getting reoccuring eye infections and it was only when the pharmacist asked if I had replaced my eye makeup that it stopped, being a bit dim, I kept reinfecting myself. Sending you lots of love and get well thoughts and hope the 2 little ones are recovering x

  8. Hi--I found this blog entry while Googling to see what's wrong with my eyes. I am now suffering nearly the same affliction, my under eye area looks similar to yours, but the eyes themselves are clear. I know this blog is not new, so hopefully this is cleared up for you. Can you share what the cause was, and what treatment did finally work? Many thanks.

  9. I've also been given antibiotics by my Doc, but just had a flare again this AM on day 5 of 7 taking those, condition previously was improving. :-(


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