Wednesday, 20 February 2013

{Project 333 - Living With Less}

So I mentioned before that I have been making space in my wardrobe and I said I was keen to participate in Project 333, whereby you live with 33 items for 3 months. I thought it would be difficult to narrow my clothing down to 33 items, but I've actually found it ok - turns out I don't have as many clothes as I thought! It's the accessories, jewellery in particular, that I've found difficult along with my shoe collection!
Items I've not included in the list:

  • Watch
  • Links of London bracelet
  • Alexis Dove Wild Rose ring
  • Prescription glasses (I'm getting my new pair of Tom Ford glasses this weekend from SpecsDirect2U - excited!!)
  • Underwear
  • Pyjamas
  • Loungewear
  • Workout clothes

Here's my list of 33 things:

  1. North Face parka, black
  2. Ted Baker trench coat, beige
  3. Urban Outfitters tuxedo style jacket, black
  4. Grey zebra print scarf
  5. Fossil handbag
  6. Grey flower mini handbag, from my neighbour's shop Velvet Moon
  7. Black patent boots from Next
  8. Black patent court shoes from M&S
  9. Russell & Bromley black shoe boots
  10. Hunter wellington boots
  11. Dune trainers
  12. Sequin jumper from Mango, black
  13. Gem jumper from Warehouse, grey
  14. Karen Millen pencil skirt, black
  15. Mint Velvet bandage skirt, black
  16. French Connection dress, black patterned
  17. Salsa bootcut jeans
  18. Next skinny jeans, denim
  19. Next skinny jeans, purple
  20. Oasis shirt, orange
  21. Oasis shirt, cream
  22. Mint Velvet grey cardigan
  23. Wolf t-shirt
  24. Mint Velvet black cardigan
  25. Mint Velvet nude/black lace vest
  26. Pink blouse with lace detail on the back from Primark
  27. Sequin dress from French Connection
  28. Plum wool dress from Baujken
  29. Animal print silk dress from Warehouse
  30. Gold lion belt from Warehouse
  31. Grey studded jumper from Tesco
  32. Black shirt from Tesco
  33. Grey dress from Baujken
I just need to pack away the rest of my wardrobe, for now anyway, and I will attempt to manage with just these items for the next 3 months - so that's until mid-May. Eek! If the weather improves, then I might need to revisit my list!


  1. Well done you! I on the other am post baby (worst body shape phase ever) and cannot wait to have 33 items of clothes to wear that i love not just clothes for easy boob access or because they are the only ones that fit!

  2. I could never do this! I'm currently packing up my whole wardrobe to move, it's a nightmare!


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