Saturday, 12 January 2013

{Things I'm Loving Right Now}

Glasgow Mummy

It's been ages since I did a 'Things I'm Loving Right Now' post, so here goes...

Ice Cream

Ice cream appeared in my Things I'm Loving Right Now post during the summer, when the kids and I used to pop to the local cafe after dinner on the odd occasion and get ice cream cones for dessert. I tend not to buy ice cream, as I demolish it really quickly. However, at Christmas I bought a tub of Carte D'Or caramel cinnamon waffle which we had with an M&S chocolate pudding (over indulgence or what!?) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Need to get back into healthy eating now though I think!! (btw isn't this spoon just adorable?)


Nigella Lawson's Fairy Lights in the Kitchen

As we all know, I'm a big fan of fairy lights. There's just something magical about loads of twinkly little lights. All the Christmas decorations are down, but I have kept the fairy lights in my kitchen... Not as many as Nigella, but I have some hanging at the window and a few on the open shelving. Plan is to keep them there until the nights start getting brighter... or should I be taking them down now? (Pleads -  they're just so pretty!!)


Cookery Books 

Now that I've started meal planning and cooking from scratch I am rather enjoying reading my cookery books again for ideas and inspiration. I have a massive selection of recipes that I've pulled out of magazines and I have a system, of sorts, whereby I have been sticking them all into A4 bound notebooks. More lately I've just been keeping every magazine, but I should really get back into the way of being selective and keeping the ones that I intend on actually making. I've always found that the recipes in the Sainsbury's magazine work well and I buy the woman&home Feel Good Food every so often.


I'm loving this online shop for party supplies. I bought some red heart paper straws recently which are going to be used for Valentine's Day favours for my kids to give to their little friends at nursery. Watch this space!! I also got some coloured twine for wrapping gifts... I couldn't help myself!

Tanya Burr

My sister introduced me to make-up-artist Tanya Burr's vlogs and I'm seriously loving them! She comes across as such a nice person and I'd highly recommend you take a peek. I'm learning loads!

So there you have it... what are you loving right now?

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  1. I'm loving your positive January outlook - it's spreading as I am really trying to focus on the good things too. So thank you! It's lovely and refreshing to read about :)



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