Monday, 21 January 2013

{Meal Planning Monday}

I can't believe we're at Monday again already and it's time for another Meal Planning post. Where did the time go? (cue song from Me Too!).

Last week's meal went sort of to plan but I ended up swapping the meal for Saturday night as I had tortellini pasta in the fridge that was going to go out of date, so we had that instead with pesto.

I can see myself slowly getting back into bad habits, so I need to knock that on the head asap. I must make sure I get to the supermarket tomorrow after work to pick up food for the rest of the week as I have forgotten to do an online food order. Need to set a reminder in my phone or something to make sure it gets done.

Here's this week's plan:

Monday (just me) - I had a chicken salad from M&S before I went for my run and I've just had a bowl of fruit to keep me going

Tuesday (just me) - soup from freezer and garlic bread

Wednesday - omelette and baked beans (will try and sneak in some veg to the omelette)

Thursday - Toad in the Hole (I was inspired by a photo which I think I saw on Instagram (?) and I've just spotted is on Mrs M's plan this week! - I've not made this before so if you have a recipe and/or tips please share!! - thank you)

Friday - salmon pesto pasta (pesto is a big hit in our house!)

Saturday - pizza (we have guests this weekend so I'm thinking something easy like pizza will be good - we may even order in) or if I'm organised I will make the Mediterranean Vegetable Pastry Ring that I blogged about earlier today for #JanuaryJoy.

Sunday (just me) - salad / soup

Pop on over to Mrs M's blog to see what's cooking in the other kitchen's this week :-)

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