Wednesday, 9 January 2013

{January Joy - 9th Jan}

Today's #JanuaryJoy prompt is 'try a new exercise (or class)'. 

I was never really into sport... I played hockey and netball at secondary school but I was never really that bothered. I could happily take it or leave it, and preferably leave it when the weather was miserable and I had to stand in goals on a hockey pitch for an hour (or however long a match was!!).

I started going to the gym on & off when I was at university, having bursts of regular sessions but then months of doing nothing. 

How times have changed! In the summer of 2011 I started a healthy eating and exercise plan with the help of a personal trainer. I very quickly lost 3.5 stone and I'm loving it! I really got into jogging (not such a fan of the jogging itself, but feel amazing afterwards!) and I surprisingly enjoyed my first ever proper race! I've also joined a private gym which I try to go to a couple of times a week, childcare permitting (I'm still really intimidated to use the weights when I'm at the gym... the room is normally full of men lifting massive weights, and then there's me who is rather weak and a bit rubbish at times!!).

I did used to go to various gym classes - Pilates, Body Attack, Body Pump, Body Step, Body Combat - but haven't been to one for a while now and I haven't been to any classes at my new gym.

So that's my #JanuaryJoy challenge for today - make it along to one of the classes at my new gym. 

P.S. I failed miserably on the no chocolate or sweets thing, caving after just one day. Feel like I let you down, but I did try... honest!


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