Wednesday, 2 January 2013

{January Joy - 2nd Jan}

The prompt from Florence Finds #JanuaryJoy for the 2nd is to 'have a dry week/month'.

In 2011, I started a healthy eating & fitness regimen with the help of a personal trainer and lost 3.5 stone. I gave up alcohol for 6 months, partly for the weight loss and I also couldn't really drink alcohol anyway at that time due to the antidepressants that I was taking (I did it once & was violently sick - not to be repeated!!).

Fast forward to 2013 and I do now drink occasionally but not often. When I do drink, I'm a complete lightweight!! There is also nothing worse than being hungover & in charge two demanding toddlers, so I tend to only have a drink when I don't have the children the following day (or work for that matter!),  which doesn't happen very often as my regular nights without the kiddies are 'school nights'.

So I've decided that a bigger challenge for me would be to have a week without sweets or chocolate (I am sat writing this at 7pm on New Year's Day and will be scheduling the post for the 2nd, whilst scoffing a packet of the kids chocolate biscuits and drinking a hot chocolate - Highlights, so that makes it ok, right?). For a while I was exercising 4-5 times a week and running frequently, which meant I could eat what I wanted and still maintain my weight. I've become lazy, am rarely exercising (twice a week max, typically once a week) but I'm continuing to stuff my face with sugar. I would go as far as saying I have an addiction!

Anyway, let's see how I manage without for the next week or so. (I doubt I'll manage it for more than a week as it's my birthday in the 14th and I'm reckoning there may be cake at my work!! Hint hint!!)


  1. Good luck! My problem is giving up my nightly glass of wine. Fingers crossed! X

  2. Best of luck, I can't give up sweets n cake wish I could

    1. I'm finding it much harder than I thought I would... not good!!


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