Saturday, 18 August 2012

{To Love Somebody}

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of my best friends Steph got married yesterday.

I travelled up from Glasgow to Inverness with one of my other best friends, Claire, and her husband. It was an early start as we had to leave at 8am to ensure we got there on time and I was subsequently up at 6am to make a start on my hair & make-up (false eyelashes to be applied etc!!).

My travel outfit: Ombre Print Knitted Top from M&S, Jacket by Ted Baker and Salsa Jeans from House of Fraser

The rain unfortunately hampered plans for them getting married on the lawn, but the sun did appear later in the day. The kid's dad, who is very good friends with the groom, was also in attendance at the wedding and had been asked to sing a song with his guitar whilst the register was signed (he used to be in a band and has sung before at someone's wedding, so he can actually sing). Thankfully, the layout of the room meant that I didn't need to look at him (as he sang 'To Love Somebody'....with the words 'I live and breathe for you, but what good does it do, if I ain't got you, ain't got you'...) and I just focussed myself on watching the happy couple. This was the first wedding I had attended since the failure of my own marriage, and I did find it a bit sad listening to the celebrant. Both the bride and groom had written letters to each other and they put these into a box during the ceremony along with a bottle of wine. The celebrant advised them that marriages are tough and that at any point they can open the box, drink the wine, read their letters and be reminded of their wedding day, or if they don't need it before, they can open the box at their 10 year wedding anniversary. My husband and I made it to 4 years...

Anyway, all in all it was a fantastic day. I had lots of fun, copious amounts of G&T was consumed, I was dragged round the dance floor to the ceilidh music, managed to avoid conversation with my drunken ex and fell into bed at midnight, utterly exhausted!

With the gorgeous bride, Steph (wearing her something borrowed - my diamante necklace)

This massive inflatable was on the lawn at the wedding venue... and yes, I went down it.... 

...wearing this --->

My wedding outfit: Dress by Karen Millen


  1. You showed incredible strength and should be really proud if yourself.


  2. Of yourself! Stoopid fingers on iPad!

  3. Well done lovely. You look beautiful in that dress btw x

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