Wednesday, 25 July 2012

{Childhood Memories}

I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite childhood books. I still have them and read them to my two little ones frequently. Hopefully they'll become their favourites too. They bring back many happy memories of spending quality time with my mum & dad when I was a little girl...

This was my all time favourite story... as you can see I've written my name in the top left hand corner!

I had a sookie (sp?) blanket when I was little... 

Another Shirley Hughes favourite...

I loved all the Janet & Allan Ahlberg books, and still do. Peepo is another favourite.

Last but not least... Andy Pandy and the Willow Tree. I was desperate to have a willow tree in our garden when I was growing up! 


  1. It's lovely that you still have these books, my mother made me get rid of mine when I had 'outgrown them'.

  2. It's lovely you still have the books. Don't they just take you right back?

  3. Shirley Hughes was a favourite of mine & the boys have a set of them too. Some books are just classics x

  4. We had the Zeeb series of books. My dad ised to read them to us and when he thought we were asleep would start to change the words thinking we wouldn't notice. We also had one called Temper and Tantrum about two brothers playing tennis and couldn't agree on who won so just kept playing. I loved Meg and Mog, and had a book about a granny who knitted a cosy for her whole house. Wish I could remember what it was called. I'm sure we had Shirley Hughes books too. Wish we'd kept the Zeeb books, they were great.x

  5. Lovely post. I've been reading some books to my son that I had when I was a girl. It's really special isn't it?

  6. Ditto on the willow tree. I still assimilate all Salix with this book...!
    Great blog...!


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