Wednesday, 2 May 2012

{My Kitchen}


I'm linking up with Catherine from Making It As Mum for her weekly 'Making It Home' linky. This week Catherine has shared some ideas for planning a small family friendly kitchen, and I thought I would share some of the updates I've made to my kitchen to freshen it up!

My kitchen had a fitted seating area which was really inflexible and took up a lot of space. So, I decided to remove it!! My dad's wife Jo and I were out with the power drill one evening and demolished it!



There were a couple of really large screws that we were unable to remove ourselves, and there were also a few holes in the wall as a result of removing the benches, so I decided to get a joiner to come and panel the area, which is in keeping with the hallway and living room of the house.

Finished panelling and a temporary table from Ikea that was previously in another room

The other side of the kitchen

And again from a different angle

I couldn't resist trying out the paint!

Painting in progress...

My new kitchen table from Vertigo Interiors and 
my 3D frame for displaying the kiddie's artwork from Cox and Cox.

The new chairs I have ordered from

Unorganised shelving!

The curtain I made to hide the recycling. Material from Remnant King Curtain Warehouse.

A bit untidy, but you get the idea! I still need to get trunking for the cables for the TV.
A lick of paint on my blackboard to tie it in with the fabric, and the red clock is from Sainsburys.

Brown faux leather bar stools from eBay. 
They have a back so are more suitable for the toddler to sit on (under supervision of course!)

The open shelving.

So there you have it... a lick of paint, a new table and chairs and some new accessories and my kitchen is looking great (if I do say so myself). If I can be bothered, then I might attempt to paint the units and change the handles, but I'm not sure it needs it now. 

Once it's completely finished (and tidy!) I'll take some more photographs and post them for you to see.


  1. Some lovely ideas and the colour us fab

  2. Thankyou for linking up your lovely kitchen. Its an amazing transformation on a small budget. I love the panelling idea it really defines the eating space.Loving the wall colour we have about 4 patches of green testers up at the moment and still not found the one!! Sainsburys have some lovely home bits im a big fan of them too for little bits and pieces to finish off.
    Catherine xx

  3. Looks great! I love the eating area and new green walls xxx

  4. The paneling is such a good idea! Looks fabulous. Love the green paint too.

  5. From a fitted sitting area to a fabulous kitchen table – this is a splendid transformation! You bring in an outdoor setting inside your home, and the flowers are a nice touch. Anyway, you have a lots of great ideas. I wish you luck in all your future projects. :)


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