Sunday, 12 February 2012

{Listography - Mugs}

I'm joining up this week with Kate Takes 5 for her Listography blog hop. I've only participated once before, but I saw a few people talking on Twitter about this week's topic and I thought I'd join in as it sounded right up my street as I was sure I had quite a few interesting mugs. How wrong was I - my mug collection is so dull!!

My favourite mug that I bought for myself in London a few years ago. And yes, it's true - I absolutely love spreadsheets!!

'Fabulous Pharmacist' mug

My mum bought me some mugs for me when I was a teenager (for my having friends over for coffee - I'm sure I was 16 or 17 at the time and still living at home, so I would have just used the mugs that were already in the house, but anyway...!). This is the only one that is left - I wish I had looked after them better.

This mug is massive, and it was a bargain from Country Baskets a wee while ago!

A perfect, classic white Denby mug... This was part of our wedding gift list and it reminds me of my perfect wedding day.

Seeing how my collection is totally boring... I thought I'd share a couple of mugs that I wish I owned:

If I do say so myself! {image source}

I bought these mugs for my friend Becky and do love them! {image source}

Yes, indeed I would!! {image source}

Someone at my work has this mug and I think it's rather amusing (people with PhD's are rather sad!!) {image source}


  1. I'm very impressed with your photography - with the little light things you've made your pictures look really professional. And I love the classic Denby one best.

  2. Have to say I love the Denby one the best, it's shape is perfect and I shall be looking out for some like that. Not so sure they will have heard of denby over here though..Have to get me mum to buy me some and bring them with her when she ol mum x

  3. I like the last one. It's going to be a long time before I get my PhD though. Maybe I can get one and write "nearly - one- day".

  4. Love the Denby one too but I think I spent the first 5 minutes say awww at the adorable baby photos at the top of your blog :)

  5. I'll have one of those gin and tonic ones please - preferably filled with gin and tonic...

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments folks :-)

    @Midlife Singlemum - Photos were just taken on my phone... the twinkly fairy lights were from Christmas but I loved them so much I just kept them up!
    @Lou Feb - the Denby mug is perfect.. size, shape, everything really!
    @Sarah Cook - good luck with the PhD. What's your subject?
    @Sarah Mac - thanks, the baby photos are cute aren't they! I took the one on the right which is my son and my sister took the one in the middle of my daughter.
    @Kate - with you there... G&T for me too please!!

  7. LOL! I NEED the first one! Where did you buy it? I sadly love spreadsheets too!

  8. Denby is classic and great, I love the simple style of their pottery and we too had some on our wedding list.
    However that first one is definitely for me as a fellow spreadsheet lover (and sometimes hater of course)


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