Tuesday, 4 October 2011

{Get Into The Groove}

I'm linking up again this week with Kate on Thin Ice for her Getting Your Groove Back Blog Hop.

So, what have I done this week to get into the groove...?

I had a lovely Dermalogica facial on Tuesday night last week. It was bliss and I thoroughly enjoyed the me-time. I also treated myself to some new face cleansing gel (my hubby had used my travel size one that was in the shower as a shampoo!!).

On the social front I've also been a busy bee. I went to the Glasgow School of Art Master of Design Textile fashion show on Thursday night and on Friday night the hubby and I went to a charity event hosted by my personal trainer Maria. She has raised in the region of £13,000 for Parkinson's Scotland over a couple of events - the main one being that she ran 50 miles to celebrate her 50th birthday! I hope I can be half as fit as she is when I'm 50. I was a little nervous going to both events... I used to be able to walk into a room not knowing anyone and be confident to make small talk but I'm lacking in confidence these days. It's creeping back, but I've still a long way to go. I had bought myself a new black dress to wear to the charity 'do... I'm very self conscious about my upper arms (they were a bit flabby, less so now, and my skin tone is awful - I'm all red & blotchy and I've got a mark which I think is from my Vit B12 injections) and I rarely have them on show (only in the swimming pool or on holiday) so my new dress was perfect. I love when the autumn/winter ranges come into the shops as the dresses tend to have sleeves!

I've been keeping up with my running and really enjoyed my Sunday morning run with Maria's running club that I joined (all money raised by the club through fees goes to charity). Last night I also started a new Pilates class that Maria's daughter teaches. Thankfully the new gym gear that I had ordered from Nike arrived on Monday morning so I was feeling good in my new leggings & top.

Kate has set a few tasks for this post...

The first is to do with breakfast.
"Breakfast Time – Do you rush breakfast? Do you eat things because the family do even though you might prefer something else? Do you skip breakfast altogether? This week, I want you to do something different for one breakfast this week. Add some fruit to your cereal, have a croissant, indulge in smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, have some warming porridge, whatever does it for you. What is your all-time favourite breakfast? Tell us about it this week and then make sure you have it during the next 7 days."
I've been eating muesli every day for breakfast for the past 3 months. My muesli of choice is Jordan's Nut & Seed. I've heard that not all muesli's are healthy but I am allowed to eat a small portion of muesli as long as it is one with nuts and seeds rather than dried fruits. I love smoked salmon and Kate's suggestion of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs is perfect. It's healthy and I am going to have this for breakfast one morning this week. I'll have to add this to my to-do-list and make sure I get some smoked salmon at the supermarket! Yum - looking forward to it already.

Here's the next task:

"Spin Doctor – Women are great at putting themselves down. This week, I want you to pretend you are your own spin doctor or public relations expert. Include in your blog post a word, a sentence, a paragraph or a whole post about what is just fabulous about you."
Kate is right, it's all too easy to put yourself down... At the running club this week the two ladies that I were running with thought I was a model and they really were not keen to be running alongside me, a leggy blonde. I have to admit that I do look pretty amazing now (feel a bit big headed writing that!) because I'm making more of an effort... I've lost weight, been drinking lots of water and my skin is glowing, and I've invested in a few new items of clothing. I've got lots more energy and I feel good. My confidence and self belief are still to catch up though. I'm sure I'll get there eventually, in the meantime I'll keep working on getting my groove on!


  1. Sounds like you've had a great week! Well done on going to two events in a week. Well done on the running too. Inspired by you, I've been running twice this week (at the gym) and feel miles fitter for it already. You do look amazing (judging by your little photo!) and you've worked hard for it. You have inspired me and I'm going to make sure I read your updates every week. Polly

  2. what a beautiful dress, sure would make me feel good if i was wearing something like that

  3. Well done on staying so focused on the exercise - and getting out and about to show off the results. Love the dress. I am sure you looked fabulous!

  4. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. That's so nice to say I've inspired you Polly. Running certainly has made a massive difference to my body shape & fitness in a very short space of time. It's got to be done coupled with the healthy eating though... according to my personal trainer it's 70% diet and 30% exercise.

    I had asked my husband to take a photo of me wearing the dress but it's a bit out of focus and I look a bit rubbish so I didn't want to post it!

  5. Wow - what an active week and what a flipping gorgeous dress!

    It must be so nice to find something like that that makes you feel good!

    Congrats on the running - I would find it hard to stay focussed once I got the results I wanted - fair play to you for keeping it going.

    One #groovingmum week, Glasgow Mum!


  6. Wonderful post. Sounds like you've done amazingly well this week! That is a fab choice of dress, I bet you looked gorgeous. I found it hard to write my spin doctor bit without feeling big headed too, but I'm glad I did. We shouldn't feel bad for noting and celebrating what is good about ourselves :)

  7. Great post. It has really inspired me to see if I can find my groove again. I expect it's here somewhere, under the laundry basket or the overflowing in-box perhaps!

  8. Thanks everyone... there will be another update tomorrow! It's been a busy week :-)


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