Friday, 14 October 2011

{Chocolate Spider Lollipops - Done!}

I'd previously posted some Halloween Ideas, one of these were some pipe cleaner spider lollipops which I thought were a super cute Halloween favour for my son to give to his nursery friends. I also created a free Halloween printable that I have used to add a message to the spiders. I printed the design onto card, cut out the scalloped circle using a hole punch and attached it to the chocolate lollipop with a glue dot. Instead of a hard candy lollipop I bought some chocolate ones which I thought would be safer for 2 year olds. However, the chocolate lollipop is rather heavy compared to a hard candy lolly so it was a bit difficult to get the spider legs to sit right to hold it up, but the back two legs are propped under the chocolate to support it and I think it still looks ok.

Here is a photograph of one of my finished spiders. (My tag is slightly different from the free one because I have personalised it to say who it is from and I've blurred out my little ones names for the purpose of this blog. You could easily handwrite a message on the back of the free tag to say who it is from.)

I hope everyone at the nursery enjoys them (I must admit that I've eaten 2 of the chocolate lollipops - it was a quality assurance thing! - and they were yum. Not sure it's great for the healthy eating though!!).


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