Thursday, 5 November 2015

Health - Starting Humira

This week I'm starting a new treatment for my Crohn's Disease... HUMIRA.

HUMIRA is licensed to achieve and maintain remission in patients with moderate to severe Crohn's Disease (it's also licensed for use in other conditions). I've been taking azathioprine now for nearly 10 years and over the last year I have had active inflammation despite my blood levels of azathioprine being in the correct therapeutic range. It's time to get this disease under control... I came back from Portugal and lost 9 lbs in just over a week. Not a good reason to be losing weight!

HUMIRA is an injection, and I will be trained by the IBD nurses to self-inject. Thankfully, I only have to administer the medication once a fortnight. Although for the first few doses I have to be in the hospital to be monitored. There are a lot of scary side effects, and before starting the treatment I've had to be screened for a variety of infections, viruses and the like. However if we don't get my Crohn's Disease under control, I then run the risk of serious complications.

Life has been very stressful lately which hasn't been helping, but I'm looking forward to having some down time this weekend as the kids are with their dad.

I've been neglecting my blog as I've been so busy with my day job, the kiddies etc and then in the evenings I've just been so tired that I've been in bed most nights from 8 or 9pm! I'm sure once my IBD symptoms improve I'll start to feel a bit more energetic. 

P.S. Can you believe we're in November already!! It'll be Christmas before we know it!

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  1. I too am on Humira and have been for about 4 years now, I don't have Crohns but Ulcerative Colitis. It's the only thing which has properly worked for me and given me my health and quality of life back! I hope it works as well for you as it has done for me, please don't panic too much about the side effects - I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed at the massive long list of potential problems! I did experience really bad migraine-like headaches which would absolutely floor me, but over time these have reduced in frequency and intensity. Best of luck, hope it all goes well for you.


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