Sunday, 14 June 2015

Eating Out - Food Story, Aberdeen

I drove up to Aberdeen on Friday to visit my gran as she had been feeling a bit poorly. She's 92 years old (and most certainly doesn't look her age) and I do wish I was a bit closer so that I could visit more often than I do. Anyway, I was staying with my sister for the night and on Saturday morning she took me along to The Foodstory Cafe on Thistle Street for breakfast; despite it being open since 2013 I was yet to visit. 

It was amazing and I will most certainly be back!!!

Firstly I love the concept of the cafe and the ethos behind the brand. The cafe itself has been built using recycled materials - the interior is right up my street; lots of fairy lights, reclaimed wood, concrete and grey paint. 

All the tables and chairs are quirky; I especially like the bench... oh and the fairy lights!
Did I tell you how much I love fairy lights!?

And then there's the food. It has to be said that it was the best breakfast I've had in a while. I chose the rye toast with avocado and it was served with fresh tomato salsa and basil leaves. I let Ali have a bite and she had proper food envy! She had chosen the House Porridge (although I don't think she realised it was served with raisins, which she doesn't like, so these were promptly removed - after I had taken a photo of course!).

My rye toast with avocado
Alison's House Porridge
There were plenty gluten free options available too and the raw vegan blueberry cheesecake which was gluten, dairy and sugar free looked delish!

Next time I'm up, this is where I'll be headed for lunch as Ali tells me the salads are to die for.

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  1. I bloody live here and didn't know about this place! Looks amazing! You always know where all the good places are x


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