Sunday, 31 May 2015


// Read

I have been catching up on Charlotte's blog this week 'Write Like No-one is Watching' and there are so many of her posts that I can relate to. She's a beautiful writer; her recent post 'Almost Three' brought a wee tear to my eye.

// Watched

My friend Carolyn lent me her copy of Gone Girl on DVD which I watched with Rick the other evening. I enjoyed it but it was pretty graphic in a few places, and like the book I was disappointed with the ending. I was trying to figure out where I recognised the female lead Rosamund Pike from and have discovered from IMDb that she was also in Jack Reacher which I watched fairly recently.

// Heard

I've been dancing and jumping around the house with four songs on repeat... OMI, Cheerleader; LunchMoney Lewis, Bills; G.R.L., Ugly Heart and Mark Ronson, Uptown Funk.

// Wore

I bought a couple of new dresses in M&S the other day. As I spent over £60 I qualified for the M&S Beauty Box... I've already tried one of the Leighton Denny nail polishes and really liked it.

I wore my new M&S grey dress out for dinner with Carolyn on Friday night. We went to Ho Wong in Glasgow city centre for Chinese food and it was just amazing. Such a fantastic restaurant. I was also wearing my new glasses from Optical Express which I collected on Friday after work. I was worried that they were perhaps a little big for my face but the more I wear them the more I'm getting used to them.

// Made

This week the littlest and I made Mint Chocolate Brownies using fresh mint from our garden. They were so yummy! 

I also made my new desk which arrived from - I'm already loving the extra table top space in comparison to my previous dinky one.

We had a BBQ on Saturday afternoon. I got the BBQ started, and then Rick took over and did all the cooking. We were a bit disorganised, but we'll know better for next time. The weather has been so erratic lately. Thankfully we got a dry day, but it did get rather cold!

// And Lastly...

I have another fantastic competition starting tomorrow with Glasgow Fort, so do come back and find out the details on Monday.

Hope you had a great week.

Sarah x


  1. I agree about Gone Girl - there were a few bits that were just too gritty for me! Love your new desk, is great!

  2. Hmm those brownies sound amazing. Your desk is lovely, just perfect #littleloves


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