Monday, 23 March 2015

Review - Brantano Shoes

This was the first time that I have been into a Brantano store and I was suitable impressed. The branch we visited had a wide range of brands from Adidas to Hush Puppies, Skechers to Nike. There was also an impressive range of character shoes; my little girl was particularly drawn to the Frozen trainers!

Our fitter Samantha was absolutely fantastic with the children. The process was considerably longer given that my son really wasn’t keen on getting new school shoes – he had his heart set on a pair of bright coloured trainers instead. However Samantha managed to encourage him to try on the Hush Puppies school shoes. The first pair were too tight, and we eventually found a pair that were perfect.

The littlest was super keen on the pair of Frozen trainers (she's literally obsessed with all things Frozen!?) and she also had her eye on some high heels (!!), but again Samantha managed to help her chose a more practical pair of shoes that mummy was happy with. The children were entertained throughout the whole fitting and we left the store very happy customers. We will most certainly be back.

There were a wide range of prices available in the store; my son chose a pair of more expensive school shoes but the leather Hush Puppies should last him a whole school year. My daughter chose a pair of Brantano own brand shoes, Feet Street Petunium which have a hard wearing sole with a rubber toe that 
 will protect the shoe from scuffs. I think at £16 they are excellent value for money. Both shoes have velcro closures, so the kids can get them on and off themselves.

Our shoe selection

The overall experience at Brantano was amazing. Sometimes shoe shopping can be stressful, but the experienced staff genuinely made the process straightforward. Samantha, who is a parent herself, was fantastic with the children.

Unlike other stores where there can be a long wait, the layout at Brantano is ideal. All the shoes of the children’s size are laid out on the shelves; from the outset you can easily see what’s available. It means 

that the little ones don’t get their heart set on a pair of shoes that aren’t in stock.

We're planning on returning to the store at the end of the month to get some crocs for our Easter holiday - there is already a huge range available and I'm told that more stock is arriving soon.

The following week my son arrived at school on Monday morning showing off his new shoes to all his friends (& the parents too... basically anyone that would listen!)... he was delighted with them. Thank you Brantano :-)

I've got happy feet!!

We received two complimentary pairs of children's shoes in exchange for this review. As always, opinions are my own and are honest.  



  1. After some debating I strayed from my preferred brand and got a pair of these in the bomber brown. The color is fabulous, and the soft pink stitching is gorgeous. They are cute whether you are wearing them with jeans, dresses, or shorts.

  2. This is the first time I heard of this brand for kid's shoes. The selection seems amazing - how about the price?


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