Thursday, 19 March 2015

Money Saving Sarah

I've written a few times about where I've been saving money lately, you'll find the posts here and here.

However I've since found a few other ways to save some extra pennies to allow me to continue with my luxuries. I thought I'd share them with you here...

First up was my car insurance. It was due for renewal this month and being totally short of time, the easiest option would have been to continue on with my current supplier who would automatically renew the policy for me. However, I spent 10 minutes shopping around on the internet and managed to save myself a whopping £100. A quick call to the company to cancel my renewal and I was able to sign up online with the new insurance company in 5 minutes. It was much easier than I had expected and I'm really pleased that I took the time to do this.

Next up is my mobile phone. I have moved to a Pay Monthly Sim which is saving me £30 a month. There's nothing wrong with my current iPhone 5. Yes, it's a bit scratched and it's not the latest model, but that really doesn't matter. It's functional. So for now I'm happy with my contract and if anything does happen to my phone then I at least know it's insured through my contents policy. This is something else to bear in mind... make sure you're not doubling up on policies. At one point I had mobile phone insurance through my phone provider and through my bank!

Finally, there's my student loan. It turns out that I am very close to paying this off. It's certainly worth checking if, like me, you feel you've been paying yours off forever! So instead of getting to the situation where I'm overpaying, you can change to pay the remainder as a direct debit rather than it coming off your salary. I reckon that by May I'll have this paid off, and that's going to give me an extra £70 each month. Result!

My next tasks are to shop around for my gas and electricity and my other insurance policies that I hold.

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