Sunday, 29 March 2015

#LittleLoves 12

I'm back with my weekly #LittleLoves post.

I seem to have missed a week - oops, and I'm also late - sorry!!


// Watched

Disney on Ice with the kids!!! We had a fantastic time...

// Wore

The kids have been wearing their new shoes from Brantano.

And the littlest chose to go out wearing two different shoes!!

// Read

Lots of is hectic (but I love it!).

I read a lovely post by Charlotte from Write Like No One's Watching entitled 'Castle'. Sticking with our Disney experience, this post has a fairy tale theme.

// Made

Nothing much at all... I've had a super busy week! No baking at all, my work colleagues will be disappointed!

My dad & his wife Jo came to visit last weekend and they kindly gave up their weekend to help me with some DIY jobs around the house... rim lock door handles, a new number sign at my front door and a faulty light was also replaced. I'm thankful that I have family that are willing and able to help out. It was my intention to then paint my front door this weekend as I'm kiddie-free, but the weather is not good at all and so I'll have to re-think my plans.

// Heard

My daughter and her very cute chat. She really is such a lovely little girl (most of the time!). We were at House of Fraser to meet their PR rep, Kimberly, this week for a cuppa (& cake!)... hopefully some exciting news coming soon. Anyway, the littlest was given three perfume samples as we passed by one of the stands in the department store. She chose to keep one for herself, and she wrapped up the other two (with my help) to give them to her nursery teachers. Isn't that just so adorable!

// And Lastly...

A little weight loss update for you... I'm now down at 11 stone 9lbs. Progress is slow, but I'm going in the right direction. That said I'm starting to notice big differences in my shape. So the scales may say that I'm making little progress (I've dropped only 1 lb in three weeks!) but my body is saying different. I feel trimmer around my middle that's for sure... to the point where I think I either need to invest in a new, smaller, belt or get some new jeans that are smaller!! I don't want to loose too much more weight, maybe 4 or 5 lbs, but instead I want to get toned up. I've really been enjoying my zumba classes and PT sessions and now the weather is starting to improve I'll hopefully go out running again.

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  1. It sounds like your weight loss/fitness mission is going well! YAY for Disney on Ice and hope you've had a lovely weekend x


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