Friday, 23 January 2015

#LittleLoves 4


I've been that busy with my new job that I nearly forgot about my weekly #littleloves post!


Rick hasn't seen 24 before, so we've started at Season One on Netflix. I've already watched up to Season 7 previously, but I'm really enjoying seeing it from the start again. Each episode is full on, loads of action & high impact. Jack Bauer is such a brilliant character!!


Rick & the kids sing me Happy Birthday at my 'pizza party' at Pizza Hut on Sunday. We really enjoyed our meal at Silverburn and a full review will be up shortly. 


My new shoes from Clarks, bought in the sale for £25. They're brogues with a wedge heel... no photos as yet but I'll get some soon.


The kids & I did some crafting at the weekend:

We also made a mini-snowman:


Not very's been a super busy week that has flown in. And talking of flying, I'm off to Copenhagen on Sunday to go and meet one of my clients on Monday. Here's hoping I can clear my cold by then!! 

And lastly...

Despite the Pizza Hut & scones at Dobbies that I've had this week, I've managed to drop a pound or two. I'm now down to 11 stone 13lbs and I've lost half a stone since starting with my PT. I'm really pleased with myself. Although we're currently having steak for dinner and a chocolate brownie, so no doubt my weight will be up again tomorrow!! 

Anyway, have a great week everyone :)


  1. Mmmm cream scones! I love the kids artistic license to call that teeny tiny snow pile a snowman, bless them! Hope you have a good flight on Sunday and that Copenhagen isn't too chilly!

  2. Awe I love the little snowman! Hope you had a lovely birthday! Enjoy Copenhagen :)

  3. Hehe that is a very cutie pie snowman :) got to work with what you've got! Glad you enjoyed Pizza Hut, you just can't beat it sometimes, can you? Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. The snowman is so cute! Happy Birthday, hope you had a lovely day & enjoyed the yummy pizza and cream tea! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your trip away xxx

  5. Oh that tea looks immense!! I love scones and teapots! Hubby absolutely loves 24 but I have never really watched it at all, I've tried but just can't get into it x

  6. I am a massive 24 fan. Jack Bauer is a super hero! Your scone looks delicious, well done for losing weight despite all the yumminess #littleloves

  7. tea and scones......winnnnnnn!

  8. Aw, the mini snowman! Cute!

    That scone looks amazing! Hopefully your trip went well and you are feeling better now (no ones colds seem to be shifting lately!) xx

  9. That tiny snowman, how cute?! Oh man I love scones, they are my weakness for sure, so yummy! xx


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