Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve

For the past three years I have had the children on New Years Eve and I've stayed in as a result.

I saw in the bells in 2011 with my daughter snoring in my arms as she was unwell. Becky & Nik had come over to my house and cooked me an amazing dinner. The evening started well, the food & chat were brilliant but the kids were both unwell. I ended up having to call their dad to come and help me. He had left the family home a couple of days before. I didn't particularly want him there and had planned to start the year as I meant to go on, but I had no choice as I really couldn't cope with the two ill kiddies on my own.

Then in 2012, we had smoothie cocktails with party straws and had an early night! And in 2013 we had another quiet evening and were early to bed!! To be honest, it's just another night and with children under 5 years old who are up at the crack of dawn, I really didn't want to be staying up until midnight anyway!

This year is different.

This year the kids are with their dad.

This year I'm in Aberdeen for a grown-up dinner party at my sister's house. Good food, some wine and lots of laughter are called for. I can't wait!!

Time to get my party shoes on...

Happy New Year everybody for when it comes ;-)

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