Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Give It Up For Christmas

With Kids is an organisation operating out of both Glasgow's East End and South West Edinburgh that aims to build self-esteem and resilience in children, whilst recognising the need for practical and emotional support for families. They achieve this this in a number of ways, for example individual play therapy, therapeutic group work or family groups and activities.

This Christmas, With Kids charity and Mantra (a Glasgow-based content agency) are asking you to Give it up for Christmas. By giving up a little extra spending and donating the money instead you can make a huge difference to families who may not be managing so well this festive season. It's not about giving something up for good, just foregoing a small treat and donating what you would have spent to those that need it more.

Every single penny that's donated to the With Kids JustGiving page goes to With Kids. You can also donate by texting GIUP995 to 70070 to donate £5, GIUP9910 for £10 etc.

How can your donations help?

£1 = a selection box
£5 = a hot meal
£15 = a present from Santa
£25 = a warm winter jacket

I normally spend lots of money on Christmas cards, and this is something I'll happily give up this year! I'm going to send cards to my immediate family and perhaps a few friends, but I won't be sending out the hundreds of cards that I used to do. Instead, I'll be making a donation to With Kids.

So tell me, what would you give up this Christmas?

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