Monday, 10 November 2014

There's a tablet for that...

I was at the doctor the other week to get something for my sons verruca. My son was crying & anxious because he thought he was going to get liquid put on his foot to take away the verruca (think this is what his dad had told him would happen). He really wasn't keen on being there, wasn't happy when the doctor was checking his foot either & it was a relief when the Dr said that he would give us a prescription of liquid to use at home.

Anyway, I think the doctor could see I had my hands full. He asked me how I was. And my response... I burst into tears.
I think if I had wanted to, I could have walked away with a prescription for antidepressants. I have taken them before, a few years ago now. But I think perhaps doctors are a bit too quick to prescribe them. 
I told the doctor I was just having a bad week & that I've not been exercising as much lately (hardly at all if I'm honest) and that I'd be fine once I started it back up (one of the reasons I've started back with a PT to give me the kick up the bum that I need!). 
He insisted that I go back to have another chat with him.
I've not made that appointment...and I'm not sure I will.
On the whole life is good, but I'm a human being and I have some downs as well as the ups.
Fingers crossed this week is better as I start back on the exercising & healthy eating bandwagon!


  1. *hugs* Hope you're feeling better soon mrs. We all have rubbish weeks and a lot of people pretend it's all good on the outside when it's really hard and hurting on the inside :( Sometimes a good cry can make you feel better, I know it does for me. It's like a mini release. Here's hoping your week gets better and your son isn't so worried about the verruca anymore :) xx

    1. I do always feel better after a cry! That's me now done two sessions with the PT and already feeling better about things. I think just knowing I'm being proactive & doing something to change how I feel is helping. Thanks for commenting x

    2. Glad you're feeling better and getting stuck in with the PT, exercise really does help :) xx


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