Thursday, 13 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - the Gentleman Edition

Again, I've got another Christmas Gift Guide for you. This time it's the Gentleman's Edition...

A bottle of your finest...

For the drink connoisseur, then why not choose a bottle of whisky or a nice bottle of wine. There is The Whisky Shop at Buchanan Galleries where you can head for some advice on what to go for. Knowing very little about whisky, I'd probably choose one on aesthetics (like how I pick wines by the label!!) and this bottle of Haig Club looks super stylish.

My tipple of choice is gin, so for me it'd be a bottle of Caorunn. Just in case you're wondering ;-)


I've seen one of these in action and it's a fab little camera that would be an ideal gift for a gadget lover, male or female! This would have been ideal to capture my antics as I swung through the trees at Go Ape (instead I used my phone and dropped it in the process!).
This one is top of the range at £369.95 at John Lewis, but there are cheaper versions.


I got R a Sony SmartWatch last year for his Christmas and he really likes it. He's on his phone a lot with his work, and this means he can check who is calling him or view texts on it without lifting his mobile. A bit lazy and very extravagant but might be a good gift for the man that has everything!

Sony SmartWatch (compatible with Android 4.0 or later)

Coffee machine 

My sister & her boyfriend recently invested in a Krups Nespresso machine with Aeroccino and have been really happy with it. I'm personally not a coffee drinker, but I do like a frothy hot chocolate. Definitely one for the coffee fiends!


You can't go wrong with some face products. I think most men will use a moisturiser of some sort; although they may not admit to it!

I've not used Kiehl's before, but heard great things about their range
Also heard good things about Clinique. There is free shipping on all purchases on their website just now; and if you spend over £40 you get a free Clinique Treat Trio worth over £23.


Sticking with the grooming, an iStubble might be a good choice. I do enjoy a bit of stubble on a man!

Pants & Socks

A pair of boxers or a pair of socks are an ideal stocking filler & if you want to go all out then you could choose a designer pair. I love these socks from Paul Smith and these 'Lucky Dick' boxers.

Lucky Dick boxer shorts from Dick Winters - they come in a few different colours. You can have a peek at when I met Lucky Dick here!


I think that aftershave can potentially be a hit or a miss, but if you stick to a well known name, then I don't think you can go wrong.


I can't remember where I spotted mahabis slippers, I think it might have been Facebook, but I love the look of these. You can buy the upper with or without detachable sole. But the sole means you can wear the slipper inside and outside. I popped out of the house this evening into the garden in my current slippers and the sole got a bit ruined :-( wouldn't have happened if I'd have had these on!! They're unisex, and would be a great stylish slipper instead of the usual granddad ones! The sole comes in a few different colours too.


It's certainly jumper season, so why not invest in some knitwear. I love this teal coloured v neck jumper from Ted Baker:

Bose SoundLink Mini bluetooth speaker 

My sisters boyfriend Robin has one of these and it's fantastic. It's portable so you can easily move it from room to room or equally it's great for travelling (we took it to the log pod with us when we were glamping!).

And if that list isn't enough, I have a few other older posts with gift ideas for men here, here and here.


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