Friday, 10 October 2014

{Love The Little Things}


R & I watched Not Another Happy Ending, which is available on Netflix.

I absolutely loved it. It's filmed in Glasgow and it's lovely to recognise the landmarks throughout the film. I laughed and cried - definitely the sign of a good movie. Do check it out :-)


I've been listening more to Spotify, mainly just the UK Top 40 playlist, but it's nice to have some background music whilst I potter about the house.


I've commissioned Aleelily to create a new branding for my blog. It's all very exciting, so watch this space!!!! Not really something I've made, but I've contributed lots of ideas. I'm super excited, can you tell ;-)   


My new Parlux hairdryer that I ordered has arrived! And R dyed my hair!! It's a bit darker than I planned but I really like it. Perfect shade for autumn.


I've done very little reading again this week.

Must. Try. Harder.

And Lastly...

It's the school October holidays in Glasgow. No nursery or school runs for a week, yay! Yesterday we 'jumped in the car & broomed to Aberdeen' (littlest's words!). I'm looking forward to a few days chilling out & catching up with my sister :)

If you're struggling for inspiration for days out, then have a peek at my post yesterday with my ideas.

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  1. Not seen that movie, will need to check it out. Love your hair btw


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