Monday, 29 September 2014

{Hair & Beauty: Growing out my fringe}

Since my last visit to the hairdressers (Ellen Conlin in Giffnock if you're interested!) which was in the middle of August, I've been growing out my fringe. I was able initially to wear it down, but it's now been 6 weeks and I have to do something with it as it's totally in my eyes :-/

At the hairdresser

The two hairstyles that I've been wearing are these...

Fringe pinned up with a side ponytail

Fringe pinned up with my hair down

but I've been scouring Pinterest for some inspiration for other styles to try as I'm starting to get bored!!

1 comment:

  1. I love the side ponytail photo, you look so youthful.. you are youthful! I like the thin hairband image, that looks great. I'm contemplating growing mine out too... it's just reaching my eyes so I can still wear it down for now...


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