Friday, 29 August 2014

{Love The Little Things}

I'm on time this week with  my 'Love The Little Things' post with But Why Mummy Why?

Here's this week's chat...


My favourite blog post this week is from Lynsay, Miss West End Girl. Her post on '29 Life Lessons I Learned by 29' was a timely reminder to take stock of the important things in life and some other valuable advice like "glitter makes everything better". Couldn't agree more!


R & I watched 'Machine Gun Preacher' this week. I found it very gory in parts but also very inspirational. I really enjoy movies that are based on true stories. I would love to go to Africa and help build a school. Something that I can perhaps think about once my kids are a bit older.


I've been getting the kids geared up for winter. Isn't this the most adorable wee monster hat by Jiglz and it's so cute with her new waterproof all-in-one.


My kids are big talkers. They are constantly telling me stories about this, that and the next thing. I love that they are so confident in themselves and are happy talking with other children and grown ups about their life and our antics. My son's stories of late involve his brothers (shhh, they're pretend!) and all the shenanigans they get up to. Important stuff, you know, like fighting droids, or helping Batman. His imagination is unreal!  


Our first Gousto box arrived today (you pick the recipes, they send the food and then you cook it - more on this in another post) and I made these posh burgers with the littlest. They are served on caramelised onions with rosemary chips, homemade tomato sauce and basil oil. A big hit with both myself and the kids. Mmmmmm!!

And Lastly...

After my failed attempt to get a 'Glasgow Mummy' bottle of coke at BritMums, look what I received in the post! Yay! Thank you Coca Cola.

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  1. Wow, I didn't make BritMums however I was very jealous of the bottles of coke. The most I have found in stores is Mum. Boo Hoo. The burgers looked delicious #littleloves


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