Monday, 4 August 2014

{Love the Little Things}

Joining in again with Morgana over at But Why Mummy Why? Love the Little Things linky...

I actually don't think I've read anything this week. Does my mail count? 

This week R & I went to the Clyde Auditorium to watch the finals of the Mens 94kg Weightlifting for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. One of my highlights was my tweet being shown on the big screen, although I wasn't quick enough to get a photo!!

I seriously need to sort out my clothes. I rotate the same three or four outfits each week and I'm so bored with my wardrobe it's unreal. However I'm a stone over my ideal weight and I refuse to spend money (that I don't have!) on clothes until I'm back at my target. It was sweltering in Glasgow last week and I struggled to fit into my only pair of shorts...this worried me :-/ Drastic action is required.

I've been listening to my son practicing his graduation poem for nursery. One of the lines is "I'm a graduate, ooh ooh ooh" and I may have jokingly said "I'm a graduate, poo poo poo" which he of course repeated :-/ let's hope he doesn't go with my inappropriate version at his graduation ceremony next week. Oops!!!

The kids and I made a wee house out of a massive cardboard box this week. It was great fun and they thoroughly enjoyed decorating it and then playing "house"!

And Lastly...
I've got tickets for the Foodies Festival in Edinburgh (8/9/10th Aug) up for grabs...check out my twitter feed for more info. I'll be picking a winner tomorrow so I can get the tickets sent out in the post asap!


  1. Love the little house you built! Super cute x

    1. We've now decorated it with paint too!! And our house guests Laura & Hannah that were staying with us bought the kids wee LED lights to stick on the inside walls! It's brill!!

  2. Fingers crossed he doesn't say "poo poo poo"!

    I loved the weightlifting, I really got into it. Especially the female lifters, so inspiring.

    This is a great wee linky, I might join in myself.

    1. It's a fab linky isn't it - def think you should join in :)

      The Games has inspired me to get active again!

  3. It sounds like you had a great but very busy week. I don't think many of us got much reading done. I am so glad you got to see some of the games. Was there an amazing atmosphere? I love the little house too. Very cute. It is amazing how many uses a cardboard box has. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. There was such a buzz in Glasgow - it was AMAZING! Rather sad that it's over! x


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