Wednesday, 6 August 2014

{Fashion update - new clothes}

So I know I said I wasn't going to buy any new work clothes until I reached 11 stone 7 lbs, however I've been hovering around the 12 stone mark for ages now and I'm feeling a bit down about my lack of outfits for work. I'm seriously fed up with the striped dress that I wear *every* week and the old woollen dress that I've been wearing also *every* week even though it's boiling hot outside because they're the only things that fit me at the moment.

Anyway, my Reward vouchers from M&S arrived yesterday along with a voucher for 20% off clothing, so I thought I would have a look to see what was new in store, and I've ended up buying these culottes (I have been lusting after culottes for work for a while!):

These culottes come in different lengths so I was able to get Long ones

And whilst I was there, I may have also bought these tops too... well, I felt I needed to make the most of my 20% discount!! :-/

I'll get some photos of me in the outfits asap :-)

P.S. Did you see the gorgeous Maxwell Scott bag that I've won from thankfifi? I'm a very lucky lady!! Thank you both x


  1. Oh, I love that red notch top! x

    1. It's really flattering - I love it. Have worn it to work but also with jeans out for drinks :-)


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