Wednesday, 16 July 2014

{#Team14 Lawn Bowling}

Last week the #Team14 bloggers were invited along to Woodend Bowling Club for some coaching and a match. Eek... I hadn't bowled before and wasn't sure how I'd get on. 

I shouldn't have been worried... we were coached by local experts and very quickly I picked up the basics. I wasn't brilliant at it, but I definitely saw improvement over the hour or so we were there. The kids, R & I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Unfortunately we couldn't stay until the end because I had to get the kids home to their bed. My son was devastated to leave as he'd had such great fun. Proper tears as we made our way back to my car!

My dad used to be an avid lawn bowler and I remember going down South during the summer holidays once to watch him compete in a competition.  I should have paid more attention as I might have been better if I had!

Woodend Bowling Club have a juniors team and apparently their youngest member is just 4 years old. It's not something I'd have previously considered as a sport for my kids, and so this taster session has certainly opened my eyes to the types of activities that are available for pre-schoolers. 

The Commonwealth Bowls

So many pretty colours! Pink for me of course :-)

Perfect technique!! ;-)

Eldest taking his turn!!

Have a peek at this Team14 highlights post from Glasgow 2014 that details some of the other events that the Team14 bloggers have been attending :-)

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