Saturday, 26 July 2014

{Review - Transformers Prime Orion Pax}

I'm being told these days by the eldest that CBeebies is "too baby-ish" and so when I was asked if we'd like to review the latest Transformers Prime DVD, I jumped at the chance.

"When Optimus Prime's memory is erased, the sinister Megatron manipulates him into joining the Decepticons. Jack and Arcee travel to Cybertron to find the legendary super-computer Vector Sigma, and the Autobots devise a risky plan to get their leader back."

Release date: 7th July
Certificate: PG
Running time: 154 minutes

My son has recently become interested in Transformers, so the timing of this review was perfect. I'm not convinced that he followed the story, but he was engrossed in the cartoon. The DVD was "awesome". Certain cartoons that we've watched he's been scared of (including the likes of Monsters University and Cinderella!), but he was fine with this series. Plus, this limited edition DVD came with a Transformers figure and trading cards, so he was delighted! It would make an ideal gift for a Transformers fan. 

Thank you Hasbro :-)

We received a complimentary copy of the DVD for the purpose of this review. Opinions as always are my own.

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