Monday, 23 June 2014

{Once in a Lifetime}

At the risk of sounding old (and I know, I'm not even that old!), back in the day, there were plenty more events and experiences that were considered 'once in a lifetime'... that amazing holiday to somewhere exotic, or getting married. 

I think it's more difficult now to experience something that truly is 'once in a lifetime'. We fly all over the world on a regular basis and marriage is now not necessarily something that's only done once.

After a quick Google search, I discovered that the planetary alignment with the Giza Pyramids only happens once in every 2,737 years. That truly is 'once in a lifetime'.

And we all know that lightening never strikes the same spot more than once... let's hope it never hits the Glasgow Mummy house!! 

Closer to home, some 'once in a lifetime' experiences might be watching a Hollywood movie being filmed, or maybe even being in the movie as an extra! Remember when Brad Pitt came to George Square to film World War Z?

Or more recently, it might be partying to the amazing line up of artists at Radio One's Big Weekend at George Square last month.

Anyway, I think you can see where I'm going with this!!

I truly believe that the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will be a Once in a Lifetime experience for many of us.

I was thrilled to get tickets for the Weightlifting and am really looking forward to it.

And if sports aren't your thing, there will be plenty of other things going on in the city.

It's now just One Month to Go!!!

The games will bring together literally thousands of elite athletes, volunteers and spectators to enjoy an incredible festival of sport and culture.

There is going to be an immense buzz in Glasgow in a month's time and I personally can't wait to be a part of Scotland's biggest party.

For the tourists that are visiting Glasgow over the next few months, the 'once in a lifetime' experience you need to try is a deep fried Mars bar (which originated in my hometown Aberdeen!) washed down with Irn Bru! ;-)

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  1. I've got tickets to the opening ceremony, can't wait!


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