Thursday, 12 June 2014

{Home Inspiration - Blackboard Wall}

I'm seriously considering painting a wall in my kitchen with blackboard paint. Vicky - you are to blame for this!!

I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas, and it's really spurring me on to go ahead with it. Some of the walls are beautiful. I'm thinking I could also add some of my Instagram prints to the wall with washi tape.

Here are some of the photos I've pinned:


  1. I know we've been chatting about this earlier... I was like you, I thought about it for so long... thought it might be an eye sore.. would the messy rubbed out chalk annoy my OCD but I wish I'd done it sooner... it's great for messages to the big kids and when I'm super organised I write the menus for the week on it (and that saves everyone saying 'what's for dinner'). I love seeing N's little drawings as they all tell a story of the day.... do it :)

  2. I'm keen to do this too but in our hallway as our kitchen doesn't really have any walls free to make it useful. Your pins reminded me :) next time we're at B&Q I'm just going to do it. Done. Decision made. x

  3. I actually find the idea of having a blackboard wall very nice. It's a great way to communicate with family members about home necessities, such as grocery lists. As long as a family doesn't utilize it as a prior means of communication, then it really is a lovely way to leave reminders. Thanks for sharing one of your home inspirations with us! All the best! :)

    Sheldon Ward @ Brett Halvorson and Associates

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