Friday, 27 June 2014

{35 at 35: Fall in love again, check!}

When I wrote my 35 at 35 list, I had no idea what the future had in store for me.

Here I am two and a half years down the line, and I am genuinely happy.

I also feel able & ready to tick off number 34 on the list, fall in love again.

My one issue was that I was struggling to say those three little words...

My sister kept texting me asking had I dropped the 'L-bomb' yet, and for every message I responded no. I was too scared.

So when is the right time to say I Love You?

I didn't want to be tipsy because I wanted R to know that I meant it, and that it wasn't just the gin talking! I also wanted it to be face-to-face rather than a text message, but see above re: being too scared. Being sober and saying 'I love you' to someone's face is not an easy thing to do! I'm really shy about these kinds of things and I sometimes struggle to talk about my feelings.

Anyway, in the end I didn't have the confidence to say it aloud, and decided instead to write a message in a card which I left under the duvet for R to find!
I wish I had bought this card - we both love a cheesy pun! {image source}

I was there when he read it (which sort of makes it face-to-face, although I was hiding under the duvet in sheer embarrassment!?!) and as soon as he had finished reading my well thought out love letter (which I had scribbled 10 minutes earlier in the bathroom!!) he told me that he loved me too.


I also managed to finally say the words out loud too which is progress.

I think I'm scared of getting hurt again. But R & I have taken things slowly and I have waited until the time is right rather than rushing things. And I'm ever so happy :-)

I thought this was very cute, and again another amusing pun!! {image source}

P.S Sorry for all the lovey-dovey chat, the cheese and the gushing!

P.P.S Have a great weekend folks! 


  1. Please don't apologise! It's just lovely to see you so happy. There is certainly nothing wrong with that! I'm glad you found a way to say "I love you" that you were comfortable with. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    P. S - Who doesn't love a cheesy pun?!


  2. Yay Love Wins :-) happy dancing for you. X

  3. Aah, goosebumps on the arms :-). Happy for you! (Also love the puns!)

  4. Aww that's lovely. I'm so happy for you hon x

  5. Aww sweet, glad your happy chick

  6. Always read your lovely blog and especially happy to read this. xx

  7. Lovely to read and can you find me one like that?
    So pleased that things worked out so well and may the happiness stay for a lifetime


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