Wednesday, 28 May 2014

{Wobbles Wednesday}

I'm not sure if anyone is hosting the Wobbles Wednesday blog hop these days? Anyway, I thought I'd update you on how I'm getting on with my weight loss goal.

I was doing ever so well, until the weekend arrived. Oh, and there was also the massive pile of sweets that R brought back from America. And the amazing Courgette & Lime Cake that I baked... I got distracted from my goal and my weight has started creeping back up.

I went from 12 stone 2 lbs down to 11 stone 10 lbs (yay!), but I'm now back up to 11 stone 13 lbs.

Back on it now though! Must. Keep. Focused.

I've bought a Sainsburys Online Grocery Delivery Pass as that was one of my action points to get to my target... start shopping online again. I've also been utilising my 'What to Eat' meal planning notepad. I'm feeling organised. I can do this!!

If you haven't seen my Instagram feed, then here are some of the pics of what I've been eating these past few weeks (aside the cake!).

I've been doing well avoiding bread and pasta (motivation for this is my Crohn's Disease). Although I did have some toast at the weekend (boy was it amazing!). I'm on my last week of steroids for my Crohn's flare-up so I'm hoping that's me now and I won't flare-up when I stop them altogether.

It's now just 4 weeks to BritMums Live. Can I reach my target??

Lots of fresh berries - normally have this with a handful of muesli and yoghurt for breakfast 

With a cup of tea of course!

Salmon & cous cous salad

Chicken breast with vegetables and salad

Prawn & cous cous salad

Chicken & rice noodle stir fry

Smoked salmon, cous cous & bean salad


  1. Ooh your meals look lovely! I’ve been trying to lose a bit of weight – I’ve put on half a stone in the last six months or so, and am struggling to shift it, mostly because I have completely lost my willpower. I really need to take a leaf out of your book and be more organised!

    1. I do think being organised has been a key factor in my success thus far. I just need to stick with it! My online food order arrived this evening so I've got lots of healthy food for the next few days - no excuses!!

  2. My struggle is the sweet stuff. I do well with breakfast and can even manage a healthy lunch but then I get a really bad craving for something sweet about an hour after lunch and if there are chocolate/biscuits/sweets in the house, I don't have the willpower to resist and with a 7 and 10 yr old we invariably have at least 1 if not all 3. I also struggle with the concept of just having 1, I have to have the whole pack :( I have to say your meals look so tasty, well done you for taking the time to do them and make them look so appetizing

    1. I've been making up fruit salad and storing it in a Tupperware container in the fridge. When I feel the need for something sweet then I can just grab a bowl. I've been doing the same with my lunches... lots of salads pre-prepared. Seems to be doing the trick, but like you I struggle with willpower especially when I know there are treats in the house!

  3. you meals look delicous, can you make soem for me too :)

    1. Aw thanks Lauren :-) Nothing to it... just throwing stuff together really!


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