Sunday, 4 May 2014

{TK Maxx, Falkirk - a review}

Last weekend, R & I headed through to Falkirk to check out the new TK Maxx store.

TK Maxx basically bring you designer items for less - it's an American concept I believe, not an outlet store though where you can just get one brand, but an off-price retailer where there are thousands of vendors. The store in Falkirk has over 20,196 square feet of fashion, accessories for women, men & kids and homeware too. It's a big store!! Plus the Central Retail Park is massive... there are tonnes of shops.

TK Maxx, Falkirk

I love TK Maxx - it's one of my go-to stores for interior accessories so I was keen to check out what bargains were available in the new Falkirk shop. TK Maxx tends to also be my first port of call for workout gear and it was nice to see a good range available in Falkirk.

The store itself feels really spacious. Nice big aisles with plenty of room for manoeuvring buggies!

Bit blurry, but you get the idea!

In other stores I have found that the shelves are jam packed and it's difficult to browse properly, but for the moment at least the Falkirk store has shelves that are well laid out and it wasn't too crammed. I guess this will change as there are new deliveries of stock daily, but most people know that to shop at TK Maxx you need to be prepared to spend a bit of time searching.

There were lots of pretty home accessories

And there were plenty of beautiful clothes for the little ones!

R found these Tetris cufflinks... RRP £19.99, TK Maxx price £4.99

I was on the look out for a basket for my hallway to store hats, gloves, sunglasses etc. There were loads to choose from and luckily I found the perfect one.

I have big plans for the garden, and feeling inspired by the recent warm spell, we just couldn't resist the BBQs that we spotted on the home floor. We had to have it! (TK Maxx stock is constantly changing, so when it's gone, it's gone).

It was easy to put together thankfully!

The BBQ is perfect for smaller gardens like mine - result! 
Just in time for my #MorrisonsMum gathering :-)

The store has recently relocated and the TK Maxx website hasn't yet been updated so don't go to the Callender Square Shopping Centre like we did... oops! (It wasn't so nice!)

Anyway, you can find the new store here and it's definitely worth a visit:

TK Maxx Falkirk
Unit 10
Central Retail Park
Grahams Road
Falkirk, FK1 1LW

We received some TK Maxx vouchers in exchange for an honest review. As always, opinions are my own.

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  1. How cute is your BBQ, looking forward to parties in the summer :)


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