Monday, 5 May 2014

{#MorrisonsMum - our Bank Holiday BBQ}

I was absolutely delighted to be selected as a BritMums #MorrisonsMum for the Bank Holiday Weekend.

The littlest and I headed to the supermarket on Friday afternoon whilst the eldest was at nursery to pick up our supplies for the BBQ we were hosting that evening.

I even managed to get in front of the camera for our YouTube video!

Seeing as we had a new BBQ to try out from our TK Maxx adventure in Falkirk, we kept our fingers crossed for a dry evening - and it was!! Result!

R's family were joining us, and I was keen to impress, so we went all out getting a massive spread - I totally went OTT as you'll see below!

Loads of bargains to be found in every aisle. Morrisons really have cut their prices on thousands of products... We were loving the Kettle Chips!

I enjoyed a chelsea bun (£1 for 2) before attempting the unpacking!

Making the bean salad

The menu

To nibble on whilst cooking...
Kettle Chips, 99p
Beetroot Houmous, £1
Sour cream & chive dip, 99p

Followed by:
Tomato & mozzerella salad, see below
Bean salad, see below
Green side salad, 99p salad bag with orange pepper (79p) and cucumber, tomatoes & red onion

3 for £10
Morrisons signature burgers - Scotch beef quarter pounders
Morrisons signature burgers - hot & spicy jalapeno beef quarter pounders
Chicken breasts

Morrisons signature thick prime beef sausages, 2 packs for £5
Finger rolls, 72p 
Burger buns, 72p
Flava-it barbeque marinade sachet (for the chicken), 69p
Corn on the cob, £4
Baked sweet potatoes, £2.27
Morrisons signature coleslaw, £1
Morrisons deli style potato salad, £1
Gherkins, £1
Burger relish, £1.09
Tomato ketchup, £1.75
Cheese slices, £1.55

Washed down with:
Diet coke with lime
Coke zero cherry
(£2.64 for 8 cans - great price!)
Robinsons Fruit & Barley, £1.79

For the next again morning:
Blueberry muffins, £1
Pecan plaits, £1.09
Bagels, 90p
Cream cheese, £1.85
Coffee, £3
Milk, £1.39
Fresh juice, 3 cartons for £4

For the washing up:
Fairy liquid, £1.30
Finish Quantum, £6
Scourers, 69p

The salads & condiments

Tomato & mozzarella salad:
Red onions, 69p
Vine tomatoes, £1.29
Buffalo mozzarella, £2
Fresh basil, £1.39
Belazu balsamic vinegar (from my cupboard)

This salad always reminds me of my mum, who made something along these lines frequently when I was growing up. Basically chop everything and throw it in a bowl with the beans and pour over some dressing. Easy!

Bean salad:
Cucumber, 49p
Cherry tomatoes, 99p
Red pepper, 79p
Yellow pepper, 79p
Kidney beans, 79p
Chick peas, 59p
Sweetcorn, 65p
Cannellini beans, 59p
Spring onion, 49p
Balsamic dressing, £1.50

Our new BBQ

Lumpwood charcoal, £5
Lighting gel, £3
Matches, 55p
Lighting cubes, £2
Bacofoil tin foil refil, £2.99
BBQ fork, 88p
BBQ turner, 98p
BBQ tongs, 98p
(you'll see the tools in the photo above - absolute bargain!)

GRAND TOTAL = £94.26 (of which £69.89 is food)

I realise this is rather expensive, but as you can see from above it included all the BBQ charcoal etc plus dishwasher tabs (which in themselves are extortionate!) and the food we prepared fed 4 adults and 2 children, plus there were tonnes of leftovers so I had lunch and dinner the next again day, and the day after that (it basically fed me for the whole bank holiday weekend). Plus there's still plenty salad for my lunch at work this week! I've worked out that the food was enough for 9 adult meals (if not more), making it cost approx £7.77 per person. 

The end result :-)

The burgers were lovely, and I especially enjoyed the BBQ chicken breast. I'll be making that again for sure. The flava-it barbecue marinade sachet that I used was great as it only needed 10 mins to work it's magic.

All the produce was lovely and fresh - lots of nice looking salad vegetables to choose from - as you'll be able to see from our YouTube 'advert'.

Muffins, pastries, bagels and cream cheese for breakfast

Thank you Morrisons - we had an awesome BBQ (eldest's words, not mine!).

We received £80 of Morrisons vouchers as part of this campaign. Opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. Oh it all looks so tasty! I love the baked sweet potatoes, I'll have to try them also that gherkin on the burger.. yummy! You've inspired me to make more salads... LOVE the look of all the fresh things in Morrisons x

    1. The sweet potatoes were amazing. I could happily eat salads every day as long as I'm organised and there is plenty of colour & texture. I've got feta cheese, beetroot and pine nuts for salads this week :-)

  2. That does look very tasty - and some healthy options that I have never thought of so thank you for sharing.

    1. It was tasty :-) I love a good salad!

  3. So pleased being a Morrisons Mum added to a great Bank Holiday. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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