Monday, 19 May 2014

{Fit for a Princess}

The littlest is very girlie... and at the moment she's obsessed with all things princesses!

I had a quick search on Pinterest for some princess themed crafts that we could do together on our afternoons whilst her big brother is at nursery. Here's what I came up with...

Make a Pipe Cleaner Princess Crown {image source}

Making a Princess Bed for her dolls using a cardboard box {image source}

Every Fairy Princess needs a Wand! {image source}

Make a glitzy goblet for juice using some glue, gems and a plastic cup! {image source}

Paint a Princess Castle using a hand print {image source}

Make a Princess Hat for dressing up {image source}

Lastly, bake some Princess Cookies. We love a good sprinkle of pink edible glittery sugar on our biscuits and cupcakes! {image source}


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  2. aww how cute is the little crown. have fun making all these :)

  3. These are all so cute. If you fancy some princess related foodie crafts, amazon have these fab wand chocolate moulds (link below). I make milk chocolate ones, drizzled with white chocolate and pink glitter :)

  4. Don't forget the five pack of tiara's you can get for £1. Also if your up for the project try a bridal veil style creation with net. I once used a half a bra cup as a fasinator after adding glitz! Sounds like fun,

    Barny xx


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