Thursday, 29 May 2014

{A Trip to the Movies at Glasgow Fort}

Last week the kids and I headed to Glasgow Fort to visit the new Vue Cinema. We had tickets organised for 'Postman Pat: The Movie' and the kids were very excited about it. I was less excited about the film... Postman Pat doesn't really do it for me... but this wasn't for me, this was an experience for the kids to enjoy.

I keep forgetting that Glasgow Fort really isn't all that far from Glasgow City Centre (it literally took us 10 minutes to get there!) so we arrived well in advance of the screening start.

We also got parked up right at the door too. There were plenty of spaces which was fab so no issues there. (We visited the cinema on a Friday afternoon however rather than at the weekend, so I'm guessing on a Saturday or Sunday it might be different).

The cinema itself is great. Nice and spacious and the facilities are all lovely and clean with it being so new. We got our tickets and the kids were given a Postman Pat sticker book as well. After a quick trip to the toilets, we headed back to the foyer to have a comfy seat and had a browse through the stickers.

We then went to buy some snacks. There were two choices of kids snack packs, one with a Slushie or fizzy drink, Twirl and kids popcorn, the second cheaper option was a Fruit Shoot, Oreo cookies and popcorn. My son was keen to have the Twirl but there wasn't an option for a still drink with it so thankfully I managed to persuade him to have the chocolate biscuits instead (I did ask for a Fruit Shoot with the Twirl, and I would have paid the higher price, but was told that it wasn't an option). If I'm honest, I think I preferred the Odeon Kids Mix snack boxes and their pick n'mix system was superior to the two choices at Vue - not sure what the other parents think on this? If you were a group of 4 then the All-Inclusive Family Package might be worthwhile:

Anyway, we got to our seats early which gave us a chance to take some photographs, and there was a family behind us taking some snaps too!

I had never noticed before that booster seats were available for little ones so they could sit in their own seat. The plastic boxes don't look overly comfortable, but it's good to know that the option is there should you want to give it a try. In comparison to some other cinemas we've been to, I thought the seats at the Vue were spacious and I didn't feel cramped or crushed (I'm quite tall at 5' 11").

The lights then dimmed as the movie began!!

There have been some bad reviews of the film in the press, such as The Telegraph's headline "Postman Pat: The Movie, review: 'doesn't get stamp of approval'" and "shiny, slightly scary spin-off" at The Guardian.

But surprisingly enough I actually quite enjoyed it!

I laughed out loud at the various test robots that were trialed.

And then I had a tear in my eye when Pat took to the stage to sing and there were flashbacks to his wedding to Sarah, Julian as a baby etc. (everyone I've told about this has found it highly amusing!)

The littlest was jumping around in her seat at the robot dance scenes and there were a few hairy moments when my son was on the edge of his seat waiting to see what happened next!

The littlest was scared at The Lego Movie, whereas she came out of this one and was really pleased with herself because "I didn't cry". It might have been a little scary for anyone under the age of 3 though!

I sadly enough even wrote down a quote in my phone that Pat said during the film as I knew I'd forget it otherwise... "it's so easy to lose sight of what's important".

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Yay or nay?

'What did you think of Postman Pat: The Movie?'

'Fine' says my son in response!
(Need to work on his reviews I think, lol!!)

A trip to the cinema has become so expensive these days. The Kids AM ticket offers that are available on Saturday and Sunday mornings (& every day in school holidays) make it more reasonable, but if you want to include the snacks that are available at the cinema (& my littlest is always adamant that she wants popcorn!) then the price soon mounts up!

But you can't beat seeing a movie on the big screen!!!

I'm keen to go and see Godzilla, perhaps on Super Tuesday when there's a 1/3 off adult tickets all day!!

We received complimentary tickets for the film in exchange for an honest review. As always, opinions are my own. 


  1. Looking forward to trying out the cinema in the fort. x

    1. My next trip is going to be sans children I think! I love to escape whilst watching a movie! Much more likely to watch a movie than I am to read a book.


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