Sunday, 27 April 2014

{and relax...}

I'm feeling inspired after my weekend at the Blythswood Square Hotel and Spa. I'm still thoroughly relaxed after all that pampering and want to try and recreate the amazing atmosphere of the hotel back at my home... (on a minimal budget too if that's possible!!).

There's something about the spa that instantly relaxed me... I think it was most certainly a combination of the lighting and the incense. (When I was on honeymoon in Thailand there was a different incense each day in our villa... a really nice touch).

I'm still in the process of doing up my bathroom, and I'd like to eventually have a few candle holders, maybe a miniature Buddha ornament and an incense burner on a shelf. I've thoroughly enjoyed having a few baths this past month (they help my Crohn's symptoms) & look forward to relaxing even more when I get my hotel inspired bathroom finished!

I bought a gorgeous glass silver tea light holder from Sainsburys for £2 and I was given a beautiful silver heart cut-out tea light holder as a house warming from my friend Vicky. Both are perfect for creating some mood lighting in the bathroom!

I've also spotted a Buddha ornament on eBay that I like the look of, and I'd love to get some hanging lanterns for candles too that I can suspend from the ceiling on invisible wire. Something along the lines of these...

Final touch will be some incense and then I'm sorted :)

Long soaks in the tub with some soothing music, here I come!

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