Friday, 7 March 2014

{New House - The Bathroom}

The bathroom of my new house needed a bit of TLC.

The ceiling height is very low & as a result the shower over the bath isn't high enough for me (I'm just under 6 foot). The shower is also pathetic compared to the powerful ones I'm used to. But for now the shower is the least of my worries (I've had a variety of house problems since moving in... the roof, sewage, leaking pipes....).

Anyway, when I moved in there was horrific green linoleum and a horrible looking mirror on the wall. Thankfully the suite is white and the wall tiles are cream. So it's not taken too much to get it looking nice :)

I had some new lino put down from Vallance Discount Carpets on Clarkston Road (a recommendation from a friend of mine, and they were excellent). What a difference that made!!

Since then I've now changed the mirror to an Art Deco style bevelled mirror from Homebase and added a few shelves and an additional mirror (the one above the sink is too low for me to stand in front of!).



The bathroom now :-)

Much better!

Another new mirror & shelving
My mum collected shells, and so you'll find a number of them in my bathroom!
Some luxuries that have been gifted to me along with some more shells!
Yet another shell!
I still need to sort out my storage, or lack thereof. In my head I would love a wooden vintage style display cabinet but I'm yet to find one that has the correct dimensions.

I also plan to paint the teal coloured mosaic tiles a bright lime green... just so they match the colour scheme a bit better.

Isn't amazing though what a couple of little touches can do!


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